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Consulting Services

Offering consulting services to related desciplines in education management, content development, information security and more...

Management Education

Services for developing educational setups to enable Quality Teaching-Learning environment.

IT Infrastructure Setup

Developing IT Infrastructure for implementing secure data exchange and intelligent
storage solutions.

Consulting Services

Content Development

Offering services to universities, autonomous bodies and professional publishing houses, certification bodies to develop curriculum & contents..

Cyber Forensic and Security

Digital forensic services including investigations, data recovery and forensic documentation.

Training and Internships

Associtate yourself for working in areas of mutual interest!. Some areas I am currently working with are listed under...

  1. Geospatial Computing and Visualization - Includes spatial databases, GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS applications, Photogrammetry, Reconstruction and Visualization etc. Know more!
  2. Language and Script Digitization - Includes develping OCRs for ancient medieval and modern scripts. Other activities include transliteration, speech-text conversions, dictionary developments etc. Know more here!
  3. Visualization and Rendering - Supporting reaseach related to graphics, visualization and object rendering. Know more!
  4. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality - Dive  into the facinating world of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality applications. Click here!
  5. Digital Authoring Services and Tools - Focussed arround develiping framework and solutions for automatic script generations, story boarding, plagarism detection, content formalization, information coding and more. Click here!
  6. Programming and Skill Enhancement - Get best of the upcomming technologies including Python, Data anlaytics using R, App develoment using Android and Kotlin and more . Click here!



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