Research Domains

Have a look at what I have been doing these days!

Explore about reseraching world arround us. Dive into spatial cognition, geostatistical learning, geovisualizations, spatial object reconstructions etc. Learn more...

Core researching for coding, storage, rendering and visualization of graphical would we live in. Learn more...

Attempting to rejuvenate Ancient, Medieval and modern scripts for developing OCRs, transliteration and much more. Learn more...

Exploring pattern recognition and machine learning for establising correspondences for developing solutions to real life problems. Learn more...

ML & Algorithm Optimization

Machine Learning and Optimizing Algorithms

Massive Data Analytics

Applying Data Science and AI for Mining massive Datasets.

Digital Reality and User Experience

Augmented and extended Reality for enhanced user experience

PHYLOSOPHY-Infinity is the only Limit!

Great things happen when you work together. Connect, collaborate and contribute.      

Academia to Corporates, Content Creation to Technology Integration. Social Contributions to Scientific innovations, Product Development to Software Trainnings.


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