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A summary of some academic/research projects completed in past.                                                            

Machine Assisted Story Generation using Adaptive Contextual Encodings, (2006)

- Rajesh K Maurya, Swati R Maurya
Generates automatically scripts generating theme based story with tracks and climax. Also suggests best story track with support confidence for given set of props and key events. It could automatically predict most probable next event with suitable diversions leading to different climax.  

3D Morphing Using Volume Interpolation, (2007)

- Rajesh K. Maurya
Developed a complete framework morphing an object to other using volume based morphing. For performance and fast convergence multidimensional star shaped polyhedral surface approximation was used. 

Implementing Large Distance Multimedia Communication using Pervasive Bluetooth Communication, (2007)

- Rajesh K Maurya, Hrushikesh Kulkarni
Developed system to extend multimedia communication range Bluetooth harvesting intermediatries. Based on multithreding, choice of stable and healthy source an sink, communication upto few hundred meter was achived,

 Adaptive Template based Multilingual OCR using Neural Learning, (2009)

-Rajesh K Maurya
Designed and developed self learning templates based OCR for multilingual documents witten in english, and hindi .

Nature inpired fractal decomposition of surface and rendering (2010)

-Rajesh K Maurya
Modeling fractal definition of rough surface volumes by using nature inpired patterns. Results tested and validated on sea surface and sand dunes.

Developing virtual models and imersive interaction for improved multimedia experience (2011)

-Rajesh K Maurya
Hypermedia experience including imersive visualization and auditory experience in an virtual concert environment.



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