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Connect & Collaborate

Get to know more about learning disruptive technologies and collaborate for cutting edge problems of research in Spatial Computing, Analytics, Visualization and Reconstrction.

Collaborate for Cutting Edge Trainings and Resourse Development Programms

Training & Global Certification

Android App Development

Learn Kotlin and JAVA based Android App Development for Smart Devices including TV, Smart Watches and Mobiles
Includes topics on advanced topics including databases, communication, multimedia, geofencing etc.

Mastering Python

Comprehensive Core Python
Databases and Network Communication
Designing GUI Applications
Chat-bots & Voice Assistants
Performing Text & Language Processing
Scientific Computing

Augmented Reality

Complete Online Hands-on Training under Skill Deveopment Series and Technology Intergration Initiative.

It suits to all - novice to experienced programmers. Get trained for Certifications at minimal cost. 

PHYLOSOPHY-Infinity is the only Limit!

Great things happen when you work together. Connect, collaborate and contribute.      

Connect for Academia to Corporates, Content Creation to Technology Integration. Social Contributions to Scientific innovations, Product Development to Software Trainnings.


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