Resource @ Technical Webinars

Computer Vision for Detection & Tracking 

May, 2020

Practical Computer Vision Theory and implementation using OpenCV & Python.

Disrutiptive Technologies

March, 2020

A showcase of emerging disruptive technologies and possibilities of career shaping.

Augmented Reality using Android


Practical session on implementing Augmented Reality on Android Platform

Kotlin for Android

April, 2020

Technical session with compensive training for mastering Kotlin programming language.

Geospatial Computing

May, 2020

Insights into GIS and spatical computing for emerging application and smart city projects

Pattern Recognition and Script Recognition


Theory and practices of pattern recognition for script recognition and OCRs

AI for Business Analysis


Emering application of AI and ML for Modern business practices

NLP for Text Analytics & Personal Assistance

Oct, 2020

AI Chatbots, voice assistants, Text generation and related emering applications of text mining

Data Visualization using R

Aug, 2019

Data analytics and scientific visualization using R language.

Data Security & Digital Forensics

Aug, 2019

Managing and securing digital data, footprints and digital investigations.

Technology for Social Good

July, 2019

Technology for social good and public intergration.

Data Privacy & Ethics


Digital Ethics and responibilities, safeguard measures and Privacy Laws.

Python for Electrical Engineers

Python for Electrical Engineers


"Code the Engineering" program for skill development for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Student Development Programs

Student Development Programs


Training young minds to look beyond curriculum towards and master future technologies.
Digital Forensics, Data Science & Machine Learning, Augment Reality, and Programming.

Technical Talks

Design Thinking & Rational Solutions


Development Programs and Sessions on "Design Thinking, Coding and Rational Solutions".

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