Android Programming: Crafting UI/UX using Kotlin

Designing Smart Mobile Applications

Master the skills of designing and developing smart applications for smart devices based on Android.

Learn the basics to advanced concepts to develop intuitive UI/UX Apps for Android platform using Kotlin language. Conducted in most lucid way with blend of background theory and focused programming experience. Includes topics on advanced topics including databases, communication, multimedia, geofencing etc.

It suits to all - novice to experienced programmers. Get trained for Certifications at minimal cost. 

Augmented Reality: Experience Smart Visualization on Android using ARCore

Designing Smart Inteactive Experiences using ARCore

Learn one of the fastest growing industry of current time- the Augmented Reality Systems. Master the insights of theory and practical aspects of designing and developing the applications based on AR Systems.

Highlights of the Course
Kotlin and Java Based Development
Integrate 3D Models into Applications
Learn Game Design
Lucid and Complete theory with Practical Implementations

Mastering Python

Essentials to Advanced Sssistive Technologies

Learn one of the fastest growing language of current time- the Python Programming Language. Learn and Master the insights of theory and practical aspects of designing and developing the applications based on Python.

Highlights of the Course
Comprehensive Core Python
Databases and Network Communication
Designing GUI Applications
Chat-bots & Voice Assistants
Performing Text & Language Processing
Scientific Computing

Professional Development Programs 

FDPs, SDPs and Corporate Trainings


Python for Computer Vision: Recognition, Tracking and Optimization

SDP/FDP/CT on Python for solving Computer Vision Problems and Developing Automotive solutions for Face & Eye Detection, Tracking, Traffic Analysis and other challenging emerging applications. 
Resource1 | Resource2 | Resource3


Python for Natural Language Processing

SDP/FDP/CT on Python for Natural language Processing and emerging applications in the domain. Focus on Text Analytics, AI Chat-bots & Voice Assistants, Language and Word Corrections, Text Generation and much more.


Comprehensive Python: Basic to Advanced

SDP/FDP/CT for a complete course on Python. It assumes no coding knowledge and takes you from novice to expert proramming level. you are able to apply python to diversified fileds inclding AI, ML, Data Science, Analytics and Visualizaion and much more. A must have training!


Mastering Android App Development using Kotlin

SDP/FDP/CT for learning App development of smart applications for smart computing devices including Smart Mobiles and Smart TV's using Kotlin Language. 


Mastering Kotlin Programming

SDP/FDP/CT for learning the complete insights into Kotlin languages, One of the most promissing languge for Smart Android Devices and other native developments.


Augmented Reality : Smart Device Visualizations

SDP/FDP/CT for Mastering the concepts and practical aspect for designing Augmented Reaslity applications for smart mobiles.


Spatial Data Analysis & Geospatial Computing: Remote Sensing & GIS Technology and Applications

SDP/FDP/CT for Spatial Data analytics and Geoinformatics . Click for Practice Test Below for course Based on IIRS 4 week 7001 Course

Practice_Test(60 Questions each:- T1   T2  T3   T4   T5  T6   T7   T8   T9  T10  T11  T12   T13   T14  T15    
Final Test Set (100 Questions each): RSGISTA100-1    RSGISTA100-2    RSGISTA100-3   RSGISTA100-4    FINALTEST-1   SUPER130-1


R Programming for Data Analytics & Visualization

Learn complete R programming from basic to advanced for Data Analytics and Visualization


Data Science using R

Learn the track on learning R for implementing Data Science Problems. 

WEBINAR:Skill Development Series

Python for Assistive Technologies
AR/VR for Smart Visualization
Spatial Analytics

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